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Nagano-ken, Kita Azumi-gun,

Otari-mura, Mizuho 12992

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Australia: +61-498-161-426

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​Your quest for the REAL JAPAN ends (starts) here.

Hike and Bike Japan is based in the small, rural village of Otari, located at the edge of northern Nagano prefecture. Otari is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and blessed with clear rivers, dense forests, abundant hot springs and stunning nature. But even more importantly, Otari offers endless opportunities to see and take part in authentic Japanese culture and time-honored traditions, to sample locally sourced cuisine and to be on the receiving end of true countryside hospitality.

We loved this area so much that we not only made it our home, but decided to build our business around the premise of sharing it with you.  Our family home, a 137-year-old wooden house perched on a verdant hillside, doubles as our headquarters, and from here it's only a short car ride away to challenging multi-day treks in high-altitude mountains, relaxed hikes on historical footpaths, refreshing indoor and outdoor hot springs, world-class ski resorts, incredible snowshoeing & backcountry skiing, and much more.  And if you prefer to relax and experience daily life, or join local residents in planting rice, searching for edible mountain plants, picking raspberries, making handmade soba noodles or shoveling snow; this is the perfect place.