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4 Peaks Hike & Run

Hike up. Run down. Relax in a natural hot spring.
July - September



This is a unique, scenic, challenging and enjoyable two-day fastpacking tour at the extreme end of the Northern Alps. Our adventure kicks off in the morning from the quiet and isolated Renge Onsen hot spring lodge in Niigata prefecture, located at an elevation of 1,470 meters above sea level.  Starting out, we'll actually lose around 300m meters over the first 3 kilometers, before the "hike" portion starts in earnest. We will slowly and steadily climb through lush forest and past fields of wildflowers, gaining more than 1,200 meters over the next 7.5 kilometers before topping out on the days high point - the rounded summit of Mt. Asahi. From the peak, weather permitting, we'll be treated to exceptional 360-degree views of the ocean and surrounding peaks and distant mountain ranges. From there it's a short descent to our campground for the evening, where we'll set up our tents, enjoy a tasty full-course dinner provided by the hut, and have the chance to see the sun set over the Sea of Japan. We will head to bed early since a big, but epic day awaits us on day .

​Day two will be a long one, so we'll be up before the sun to give ourselves plenty of time to reach our goal, and to do as much of the course in the cool morning weather as possible. Straight from the campsite we have a decent climb to knock the morning rust off the legs, before we settle into the downhill portion. While day one has us in a popular hiking and trekking area with several staffed mountain huts and escape routes, on day two we will be in a far more remote location, and will likely only cross paths with a handful of ambitious Japanese. There are a few water sources along the way, and two basic, unstaffed huts but don't expect much. We will spend the entire day on a glorious ridge with epic views in all directions. Expect things to get hot and humid as we lose elevation and approach the coast, but ultimately we'll get some relief once we descend below tree line.


Though we start out on snow, and will encounter rocky sections, overall the trail is not especially technical - just long, so it is important to come into the trip with an appropriate level of fitness and experience - especially with extended downhill travel. We can expect to be on the move for up to 10 hours the first day (18 km・+2,500 m / -1,600 m), and up to 12 hours on day two (26 km・+1,600 m / -3,705 m).


IMAGE GALLERY (August, 2020)




We can pick you up and drop you off at any location within the villages of Otari or Hakuba, such as your place of lodging, one of the area's Hakuba Valley ski resorts, Otari's main train station - Minami Otari or Hakuba Station (both on the JR Oito Line).


All ground transportation (whether by private car, taxi, train and/or bus) during the hours of the tour is included in the price.  


Basic hiking insurance covering personal injury, liability and search and rescue is included in the price.



As is, one night of camping during the tour at a designated tent site in the mountains is included in the price. In true fastpacking style, you will need to carry your own tent or bivy as well as a season-appropriate sleeping bag or quilt for the night of camping. If you need to borrow or rent equipment, let us know in advance - we may be able to help you in that regard.


If you would like to avoid the hassle of packing and carrying around a tent and sleeping kit, it is possible to arrange a stay inside the mountain hut for an additional fee. Contact us for details.


Our hotel at the conclusion of our epic fastpack, features an onsen overlooking the ocean that will make for a superb grand finale.  The bathing fee is included in the price, along with towels and toiletries.


Dinner on day one and breakfast on day two are included in the price. These meals will be prepared and provided by the mountain hut adjacent to our campsite. Both will be traditional Japanese meals. 

*Please let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions before the commencement of the tour.  If necessary, we will try to arrange for the mountain hut to prepare a special meal that meets your needs.




*No snacks or drinks are provided. You will need to bring your own trail snacks and drinks for eating and drinking along the trail for at least the first part of day one. It is possible to refill water bottles and buy several varieties of drinks at the mountain huts along the way on day one, and the hut where we will stay at on night one , and there you can also resupply with some basic snacks. Additionally, there are a few natural water sources on the day two descent.


*If necessary or requested, it is possible to arrange pick-up and/or drop-off from several major hubs outside of Otari or Hakuba, specifically: Itoigawa, Omachi, Nagano & Matsumoto. However, due to the necessary early start time for this tour, pick-up is only available on the day prior to the tour start date. Furthermore, please be aware that this will require extra time and incur additional fees. Please see our downloadable 'Extended Area Pick-Up & Drop-Off Policy' (PDF) for more details.



  • For this tour to operate at the listed price, we require a minimum of 2 persons.  

  • Group size will be limited to a maximum of 4 persons.

  • If you are interested in booking as a private tour for one person, or a group larger than four please contact us for a price quote.


Click on the button below for a comprehensive, downloadable list (PDF) of required and recommended gear specific to this adventure. 


For your convenience and ours, bookings are made through our online booking platform by clicking on the 'BOOK' button below and following the steps presented: (1) Choose a start time/date (2) Fill out the required information (3) Enter a coupon code (if applicable) (4) Complete your booking by clicking on the 'Book It' button.  


Upon confirmation of your booking, we will generate and send (an) online invoice(s) to you through PayPal, in accordance with the terms of our Deposit & Payment Policy for this tour type [Multi-Day Flex-Departure Tours]. For more detailed information, head to our 'BOOKING' page and view/download our full Booking Policy.

4 Peaks Hike & Run

Hike up. Run down. Relax in a natural hot spring.
July - September

¥70,000 guiding fe


If you would like to contact us to ask questions, receive more information, or inquire about booking this trip, please either connect with us directly using the chat feature located on the bottom right of your screen, or submit an inquiry through the contact form below.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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